on Wellbeing

With Poverty Zero Scoring and Action Kits

Wise Responder’s groundbreaking, scientific methodology brings the power of quantifiable metrics for SDG 1, No Poverty, application to where it’s most needed: the financial and business community, in emerging and developed markets, for use by financial institutions, corporations, and institutional investors eager to create and broaden access to sustainability-linked financing and investment.

Our proprietary multidimensional poverty index (MPI) metrics and The Poverty Zero Index enable clients to effectively align, target, and measure their business, operational, and investment strategies to SDG 1 by accessing standardized metrics, comparable measures across countries, a suite of measures consistent with the United Nations’ SDG Framework, and a means through which to adhere to Articles 8 and 9 Funds of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation.

The use of these science-based metrics can unlock $1.6 trillion in annual incremental sustainability spending, according to a new Citi GPS report.  Early corporate adopters of the technology include four Fortune Global 500 companies and one Fortune 500 company.