The Poverty Zero Index

The Poverty Zero Index by Wise Responder, gives licensed users—financial institutions, corporations, institutional investors, and governments in developed and emerging markets—the ability to access never-before-available, quarterly updated scientific measurements of acute, multidimensional poverty/social factors to enable trend analysis, integration of key social factors with financial analytics, and data tools to create and broaden access to sustainability-linked financing and investment.

The Poverty Zero Index provides quarterly estimates that build on the key characteristics of Oxford University’s OPHI/UNDP Global Multidimensional Poverty Index to measure multidimensional poverty in over 100 developing countries.

The Poverty Zero Index allows users of the data to perform analyses that have not been possible to date:

With more frequent and continuous estimates our users can apply time-series techniques to better understand the changing social factors.

Citi GPS Report

Wise Responder’s MPI metrics and index tools make key social indicators and analyses available to financial institutions, corporates, and ESG investors. The potential applications and results of using an MPI methodology are explored in the Citi Global Perspectives & Solutions (Citi GPS) report “Eliminating Poverty: The Importance of a Multidimensional Approach in Tackling SDG1,” which was co-authored with founders of Wise Responder, Inc.